Welcome to the Greengross Family History site.

You have probably been invited to join this site but if you’ve found us by accident or a search engine has directed you here then please use the contact form and let us know what interest you have in the Greengross family.

The Person Index lists all the known family members but if you know of any errors or omissions we would invite you to again contact us and notify us of the information you have. Selecting the link Id for a person will direct you to an individual’s page showing a tree representation of their ancestors together with a descendancy chart. The Evidence Index provides a list of citations and references for some of the people. The Documents menu provides visual access to a number of Greengross related documents. The stories menu lists some interesting information/data that has been gathered about a number of Greengross individuals. If you have anything in which you think that other subscribers to this site might be interested then we would love to hear from you.

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