Who was Morris Waslow?

To be honest I’d never heard of him until his name was mentioned by Alfred Finer and Alan Greengross. Seemingly, they knew of him as a relative and they had met him when he visited here. There isn’t a huge amount to say about him but it’s just possible that dedicating a page him might just get a hit from one of the search engines and someone just might be able to enlighten us.

The earliest reference I can find that bears his name is his departure from this country on 31 October 1914 bound for New York on board the St Paul steamer courtesy of the American Shipping Line. This document (reproduced below) simply states his name as Morris Waslowski aged 18, born Russia, a jeweller. This would probably make his year of birth 1896.

Morris Waslowski - Departure - Liverpool - 31 October 1914

He arrived in New York on 8 November 1914 and the immigration document is a little more informative (see below).

Morris Waslowski - Arrival - New York - 8 November 1914

This document is a little more informative because it tells us that his age is 18 years and 9 months, confirming his year of birth as 1896, and that his last address was with his Aunt, Mrs Greengrass, at 22 Fordham Street, London, E, which was the address on Debbie Greengross’s marriage certificate. This proves that he was a relative. The only thing we don’t know is how he was related. If he was Genendal’s nephew then one assumes that it is more likely that he was related to her rather than Szaja’s (say) sister’s son. My guess is that Genendal had a sister who married someone with the name Waslowski. But that is just a pure speculation.

There is a Morrie Woslow (born about 1896) in the US 1930 census. He was living at 331 W 58 Street, New York, seemingly, on his own. It looks like he was naturalised in 1928 and in 1942 I found a US World War II Draft Registration card (reproduced below).

Morrie P Woslow - US World War II Draft Registration Card

This tells us that, at this time, he was living at 1065 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, his date of birth was 29 May 1895 and his place of birth was Pintzor, Poland. An obvious misspelling of Pinczow. It also tells us that his wife’s name was Rose. I also found that Morrie Woslow (same date of birth) died in October 1981 in Yonkers, Westchester, New York. His wife, Rose, date of birth 11 July 1903, died in November 1984 in Yonkers, Westchester, New York.

For the record entering the name WOSLAWSKI into the Jewishgen database search form returns quite a few entries for Pinczow so, seemingly, the family had a significant presence there.